Material Handling Services

Fully Trained Technicians

Our material handling services include a staff of technicians that come with a wide variety of knowledge, skill sets, and expertise in their area of fleet management. Every job requires focus, attention to detail, and the knowledge to handle any issues that may arise. Our factory-trained technicians are fully capable of handling all types of service equipment, including Diesel, Electric, LPG, AGV (Automated Guidance Vehicles), & ASRS (Automated System and Retrieval System).

Inventory & Tracking Software

We provide a customized software program for our customers that gives detailed reporting and tracking of all material handling equipment. It will track cost not only monthly but keep a summary of all costs associated with each piece of equipment. This state-of-the-art service is provided at no additional cost. Our goal is to help our customers of all sizes manage their fleet of service vehicles from all angles, even on paper.

scheduled Maintenance

Our service department specializes in creating custom maintenance plans derived from manufacturers recommendations, age of your fleet, and current annual operating hours for every piece of material handling equipment. Call today to get your complementary fleet assessment.

Field Maintenance

Our Field Service Technicians operate out of fully stocked service vans and are available to travel directly to your location, offering on site repairs as needed. This service allows your operations to continue, ensuring your deadlines are met.

Battery Repair

Carson Material Handling is an industry leader in the maintenance and repair of industrial batteries. Our technicians are specially trained in every aspect of preventative care and repair all types, sizes and voltage batteries. At your location we are able to: perform preventative maintenance – including watering programs, replace cables and connectors, design and help implement a Battery Management Program. At our location, we are able to: perform load test, clean industrial batteries, adjust acid levels within the cells, and replace cells as necessary.

Full service shop

In the unlikely event that the service work cannot be completed on site we will offer competitive rates at one of our state-of-the-art shops. This venue is perfect for larger jobs, such as transmission rebuilds and engine replacements, we bring your equipment to our facility to ensure no interruption to your business and can provide rentals as necessary.

Full Maintenance Programs

We offer detailed management of our customer’s entire fleet of service vehicles, saving them time and money in the process. Let us develop a personalized plan for your company.

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Service Manager Contacts

Charlotte and South Carolina

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Dion Ciccarelli


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